West Coasters – The Daily Show a don’t-miss tonight…

...according to my east coast sources, that is. Regular readers know I'm a huge devotee (despite the fact that I don't quite fall into Bill O'Reilly's definition of Stewart's audience as the young, 'stoned slacker' demographic) so it's no surprise that I'm once again shilling for Jon Stewart. But this time, I'm even going to make the supreme sacrifice and try to stay up past my bedtime to watch it live - even though thanks to the wonder that is TiVo, I don't have to. While I'm waiting, I can watch last night's still-unviewed episode...

I guess I can’t…

...play presidential debate drinking games with my young son (I like the one Illusionaire pointed to first.) ...yell snarky epithets at the television screen (my, er, dubious language choices already have me in hot water with both kids). ...have any emotional outbursts. ...throw things. Damn. This 'needing to be a responsible example for my kids' definitely has its down side. And in a side note, I do think listening to Steve Earle's The Revolution Starts Now is a great warm-up for tonight's extravaganza. (Check out my Audioscrobbler history for an alternate view...)

WWWW – with extra-super-caffeinated doses!

(Don't say you weren't warned) In the 'are you really sure you meant to use those words?' camp: Diana Goldschmidt, in her resignation letter, says those jumping on the bandwagon to criticize her husband "slide around on the backs of controversy..." My daughter simply must have one of these t-shirts: Mommy wants a new President. Only thing is, it'll be out of fashion on November 2nd...Three guesses as to which moment has been most, er, preserved on TiVo devices. Sorry, not in this house - nor the runner-up moment, either.Ohmigod! It's the Awesome 80's Prom! Just like the first time around, I can't think of anything I'd rather skip more...Say it isn't so, Jim: Shatner to Iowa [Read more...]

Snarky afternoon post-coffee break

Here we go again, folks... HAH! In all of my ranting and raving yesterday about polls, I totally missed the fact that The Trib carefully omitted any polling mentions of our mayoral race. Thankfully, WWeek was on the ball here (fifth item down) - and it turns out the numbers were so screwy that a re-do was requested. Puts a new spin on the rest of the results, no?And in more fun with numbers, yesterday's Oregonian article on declining enrollment in PPS schools is a great example of 'let's try and match numbers to our basic thesis - and shove 'em in (or gloss over them) if they don't work' journalism. Nuance? Detailed reporting? Not there. If I know, for example, that Fernwood [Read more...]

I confess my parenting sins..

...over at DotMoms today. Here, of course, I am always perfect and above reproach, cough cough (ssshhh...don't let any new folks into the kid archives, where there are stories galore...)