Tech Tuesday – Throwing in the towel

Today's excitement? Upgrading to a new GSM phone via AT&T Wireless. (Yeah, yeah, yeah - I've heard the complaints. But I've been with them for years, which pays off when it's time to replace equipment, so...I stay. Plus, I get to talk to nice guys like Bob while drinking wine - more on that later...) So what's the dilemna? See, I love gadgets. Love customizing trying every little feature out. So of course, I want a background on this LG 4011 color phone that truly reflects my personality. But the choices on the phone itself just don't do the trick. Trying the website yields nothing else worthwhile, unless I want something emblazoned [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: Extend yourself

The Firefox love continues. Here, two more extensions (small program add-ons that let you customize your browser) that I'm now using religiously. FoxyTunes. This puts a mini-toolbar for my media program in the bottom rail of my browser window. No more toggling between windows to change tracks, pause, or do a shuffle - control it all from one window now. Works with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and a host of other audio players. Gmail Notifier. Sits in your bottom rail right next to FoxyTunes, keeps you logged into Gmail, and lets you know when you get new mail. No more wasted visits to the Gmail site, only to find out the cupboard is still bare... (Speaking of [Read more...]

Monday SAS – Do as I say, not as I do…

I should not be taking great joy and delight in this. But of course, I am... Va. Congressman Abruptly Retires. Why is this staunch conservative Republican - co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment - retiring? Rumor has it that he's, er, interested in, er, dating his own gender. Which, of course, would be A-OK with me - if it weren't for that pesky staunch Republican conservative defender of home and hearth routine he's had going...not to mention his homophobic public values. (Part of this entry went missing, ugh. The Daily Kos has more on this, although I first heard the rumor elsewhere online...)

Monday SAS – The kids are all right

Here, just a few of the lessons my kids learned at Grandma Boot Camp: Heard escaping my young daughter's lips:Mama, where do you keep the toilet paper?Yes, the roll was empty. Yes, the bathroom stash was also empty. So what did she do? Got more out of the closet and put a new roll on the spindle. Also heard escaping her lips:Mama, didn't we take out that Band-Aid box yesterday?uh...yeah...and then she got up and put it away in the closet herself. But there's more: bedmaking. Clearing off their dishes after meals (they did this before, but now it's ingrained.) And the coup de grace - dirty clothes actually make it in the hamper. Inconceivable, you say? Not after [Read more...]