Three Special Operations soldiers die in Afghanistan, including Oregonian

Read the newsflash here. Then please give your kids a hug for Joe and his father. (According to one news source - as yet unconfirmed by officials - the Taliban have now taken credit for the attack, as opposed to earlier reports - including this one - stating a land mine was responsible.) Update: KGW (video here) and KATU now have the story (with details of Joe's life) as well...

“There was nothing left unsaid”

I first fell a little bit for The Guy when he told me that he wanted to postpone meeting me in person so that he could spend as much time as he could with his son before Joe shipped out to Bosnia. I fell a little bit harder each time I heard him talk about his son. He described Joe as his 'best friend.' It was clear from his stories (and from being a fly on the wall as they talked on the phone while Joe was overseas) that the feelings were reciprocated. And I wasn't at all surprised at what I found when I finally met Joe. He bounded out of the kitchen to greet me with a hug and a big grin. He was busy preparing dinner for us, but kept popping his head out to double [Read more...]

Oregon’s lost another soldier overseas

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan By STEPHEN GRAHAM Associated Press Writer KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Four members of the American special forces were killed in action in a southern Afghan province at the heart of a stubborn Taliban-led insurgency, the U.S. military said Sunday. The victims died Saturday in Zabul province, about 240 miles southwest of the capital, Kabul, military spokeswoman Master Sgt. Cindy Beam said in an e-mailed statement. She gave no details of how they were killed. ... You'll be reading about at least one of the soldiers in The Oregonian over the next few days (we're not yet certain he was part of this action, but his father has been notified [Read more...]

I’ve created a monster…

WWP warned us yesterday: Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be bloggers... But the warning came just a little bit too late. In an effort to redeem yesterday's parenting score, I created a blog shell for my son to use for a school project. Halfway through his first set of posts last night, he turned to me and said "Can I keep using this once the project is over? I want to review video games." This morning, when he saw that he had plenty of comments from people to answer (I'd seeded things a bit by asking friends from the Parenting conference in a private online community back East to drop by and comment before we needed to print the whole thing out for school), he [Read more...]

Trying to earn extra credit…

I saw the coolest performance today by a bunch of kids at our school's volunteer brunch, and it gives me an opportunity to help plug a non-profit organization trying to expand arts offerings in our public schools - Artists for the Arts. Valerie Day (the lead singer of Nu Shooz - remember them?) is involved with the group, and released a CD last year as a fundraising vehicle to help raise money for arts education. She's also a parent at our school, and volunteered in her child's class throughout the year. But this wasn't just singing - oh, no. These kids wrote two songs, with her guidance. They learned how to put emotions into words, string it together lyrically - and [Read more...]