Still in limbo…

No DSL as of yet, I've been making do with trips to the library to check email sporadically. Just set up my machine & configured a dialup connection, which will have to do for now. Here's a customer service shout-out to Easystreet, though - they received notification from Qwest that my DSL had been terminated & fired off an email asking me what I wanted to do about my account. After I explained the limbo DSL situation via email, they came back with another email waiving the typical additional 10 per month fee for dialup access, along with technical support numbers & info should I need assistance getting temporarily up and running via dialup. Qwest, on the other [Read more...]


So the actual move is complete, but there is much chaos and disorder in the new place. I'm also without connectivity (no phone, DSL status questionable) for the foreseeable future - so will only be here sporadically yet again until things stabilize. One hopes they will stabilize soon...


A few of my must-haves: Venti americano with room for cream (or a quad espresso over a huge cup of ice for a strong iced americano, depending on the weather/time of day) Claritin D (man, am I kicking up the dust. achoo!) Aleve, round-the-clock as a preventative measure Diet Pepsi Vanilla and/or Diet Dr. Pepper, depending on my mood The hand truck we bought 4 years ago to move big rocks with The Rubbermaid containers in several sizes that I kept buying when they went on sale (these keep going back and forth from the new place to the old place and round again) An assortment of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs on my hard drive, on constant repeat My cell phone (even though I keep [Read more...]

Next verse, same as the first

Dealing with Stuff, Phase Two: Kids are safely off with their father for a week, are probably at Disneyland right now as I type this. (The trip wasn't supposed to coincide with moving, but I'm really really glad that it did!) Found a place to actually move the stuff to; am going to start schlepping things over as soon as I finish this entry. I could almost walk things over - I'm moving less than 10 blocks away, thankfully, so the schlep parade makes sense & really makes packing far less of a chore. I'm revisiting the days of garbage bag packing, actually, aided by several of those lovely Rubbermaid bins. If you see a gas grill being rolled down some random NE neighborhood, [Read more...]

Too. Much. Stuff.

How did it ever come to this? I'm not a packrat. I don't have piles of newspaper everywhere, and there aren't paths through piles of stuff in my house (well, there never used to be, but there is now 'cause of the whole moving bit.) I recycle religiously. Haul old clothes to the resale shop. Donate copiously and routinely to Goodwill and/or The ARC. I'm not a Compulsive Shopper. I don't do garage sales. My one vice has always been books - and I was brutal this time when I weeded them out for removal. Totally ruthless. Gave away boxes and boxes of books that hadn't been touched in years, and sold what I didn't give away. I'm not overly sentimental. I haven't saved [Read more...]