My little philosopher

I am in the bathroom. Not only is there no toilet paper on the roll, but there is no toilet paper in the cabinet (as there should be.) (I'm sure this has never happened at your house - oh, no.) Since my daughter is in the hallway, I ask her to grab some toilet paper from the other bathroom and bring it back to me. She comes back promptly, but she's bearing a mere four squares or so of paper. As she hands it to me, she says in a very sober voice: "Less is more, Mom. Less is more." I can't decide if she's an environmentalist...a philosopher...or just a smart ass. (If she's my daughter and takes after her mother - and she does - I'm betting it's the latter...)

Double the flavor, double the fun

American Courts To Start Recording Trial Testimony On Napkins - Will Also Permit Witnesses To Testify Jointly And Simultaneously Funny, yet scary stuff from the satirical blog Opinions You Should Have...I love this part: "Being able to testify with your friends is a lot more fun than testifying alone," said 8 year-old Jill Beets, an eyewitness from Montclair, Nebraska, who testified recently at a murder trial jointly with ten of her "bestest" friends. "I can understand why President Bush wants to testify along with Vice-President Cheney," she said. "Testifying is scary and sometimes you just want someone big to hold your hand." (Cue Beatles music...)

NPR’s response to mail sent about Edwards departure

An acquaintance sent a letter to NPR last week protesting the decision to replace Bob Edwards on Morning Edition (note to self: where was your letter? Follow-through is important, you know...). She received the following reply yesterday & shared it on ECHO. Here's the text: Dear Morning Edition listener: My inbox at NPR is full of messages from listeners like you. The decision to change Bob Edwards' role has surprised and upset some of you. I understand that Bob has been there for you every morning, and you've come to rely on him. I write to explain the reasons for this change. I have a long history with Morning Edition and NPR, extending back almost to the beginning of [Read more...]

I’m conflicted about this

There's an article in the New York Times today detailing efforts by Mariane Pearl: Reporter's Widow Is Making Her Case for a 9/11 Payment. As usual, I have many conflicting thoughts about the issue (things are rarely black and white or clear-cut in my world.) On one hand, her husband's death was horrific, and certainly at the hands of Al Qaeda. So on a basic level, she is as much a victim of terrorism as the families left behind after 9/11. On the other hand, the article brings up more questions and concerns than it addresses for me - questions about victim compensation funds in general, about priorities, about sticky issues of how to quantify a person's worth with dollars, [Read more...]

This just in: Clarke on Daily Show Tuesday

...and not tonight. I don't know if he got bumped by Jennifer Beals (she of the ripped sweatshirt Flashdance-style), who is tonight's guest star - or if he ran into problems juggling his many media appearances.