Make new friends, keep the old…

I went out for a much-needed Girls Night Out last night. We had fancy drinks at Mint & then downscaled to White Eagle for what seemed like acres of bad-for-you food (nachos, tater tots, chicken fingers, chips and dip, etc.) and, of course, more drinks and conversation. I think I can speak for the group when I say a good time was had by all. It also illuminated some thoughts I've had lately about friends. I'm not like other women - I haven't had a lot of close female friends through the years, and I don't even have one (or two) of those friends you can have forever yet don't regularly keep in touch. You've heard the myth - when you speak, you instantly slip into [Read more...]

Don’t touch that dial!

This is painful for me to admit publicly, but I can no longer keep silent. After years of listening to NPR in the morning, whether in NYC or SF or here in Portland, I needed something different. So I started keeping company with Mark & Brian (LA-based, syndicated here in Portland on KGON.) And while I grimaced at some of the more adolescent humor, it was a fine way to begin my early morning 'let's get some work done at home before the kids get up' workday. Now I'm not a huge Howard Stern fan. But I firmly believe there's a place on the airwaves for a guy like Stern, just like there is for M & B. You find them offensive? Humorless? Fine - turn the channel, turn [Read more...]

I love Jon Stewart…

...and worldwide pablo too. They're both providing much-needed amusement about the insane gay marriage constitutional amendment fiasco, and WWP adds insight and news, both local and national. b!X had it as well, but The Draft Of A Constitutional Amendment to Defend Biblical Marriage is a must-read. And Monday's The Daily Show on Gay Marriage (offered up on the Pacific Views site) gave us Steven Colbert in rare form.

A worthy request from a friend

My friend Bill sent me (and several others) an email message this morning asking for our assistance. With his permission, I'm passing his message on: Yesterday, President Bush called for an amendment to the US Constitution banning gay marriage, which would deny basic rights and benefits to a specific class of US citizens. Historically, of course, amendments to the US Constitution have secured rights and benefits, and the equal protection clause makes it clear that discrimination against any group is unconstitutional. Bob and I, after 15 years together (and two terrific kids!), were married in Canada over the holidays - but THIS DOES NOT CONFER ANY RIGHTS OR BENEFITS [Read more...]

Oh, no!

It's the Attack of the Gay Agenda! (via Frankenstein) (The State of the Union Updater 3.0 is also priceless...)