A glimpse of the future?

Epic 2014 - an alternate reality where print media has died, and automated electronic news retrieval (in the form of GoogleZon) reigns supreme. (Note - it's an eight minute video requiring high-bandwidth, I believe....)

2004 – don’t let the door…

I have never, ever been as glad to see a year pass as I am to see 2004 inching its way towards the door. I won't do a long, hand-wringing, and ultimately navel-gazing retrospective (she says, as the crowd sighs in relief) - instead, I'll offer up some brief summaries of topics raised in earlier posts, just so we can put a capper on this year and consider it done already. Yes, The Mogul is still among the living. Yes, the cell phone has been repaired - but not after waiting an hour at the Cingular store for a new SIM chip. The good news? They didn't charge me for a new one...which is especially good news for The Mogul, as it was going to come out of his allowance...although [Read more...]

That whole ‘making coffee’ thing…

Ack! How can this be? I have just enough beans to make a half-pot in the french press (which should get me one full mug...maybe...) and a half-day work shift from home underway. Drama Mama's sleeping, so running out isn't an option until later. I'm quite sure I'll deal (I don't drink much coffee in the morning - maybe three cups if I'm really splurging), but it brings up a related topic. See, I get to get myself a new coffee pot, courtesy of my two kids (specifically, The Mogul, who read this post - see, my rants come in handy sometimes!) I returned the model they originally picked out (with their approval), but haven't yet decided what I want instead. A particular brand? [Read more...]

She’s got my number

Drama Mama was trying to talk me into something this evening while we were out bonding over sushi again. And after my first refusal, she immediately came back with this: Pleeassseeee? I'll sing you that Mr. Heatmiser song??? And she proceeded to do just that - word for word, with perfect pitch - right in the middle of the restaurant, no less. Did it work? What do you think...?

That annoying Y chromosome thing

Why is it that every male with a Y chromosome (yes, that's the family-friendly version of what I really want to say) believes that he can overcome obstacles by sheer force of will? Even if he's not quite sure where he's going or what he's doing? Even at, say, the age of 11? Yes, The Mogul is on my list today. He calls me at work using the home phone (clue number one) to announce that his cell phone isn't working. Why is it not working? He dropped it. Great, I think. Annoying, but fixable. We have insurance on the phone, so we're okay - save for the hassle of dealing with the insurance company. But NO! Further questioning reveals that it's not working NOW, but it [Read more...]